The Acabellas

Musical good-times, Bryn Mawr style

Current Members

Ellie Howell ’13

Blue Hill, ME


Meredith Burger ’14

Co-Music Director

Chapel Hill, NC

Psychology Major


Johannah CordonHill ’14

Co-Music Director

Madison, WI


Elizabeth Reilly ’14

Business Manager

“But truth is just like time, it catches up and it just keeps going.” – Dar Williams

Wallingford, PA

History major with a concentration in Peace, Conflict and Social Justice

After Bryn Mawr: After possibly joining the Peace Corps, she will live out in the country with lots of animals and have some sort of job that involves human rights work. Oh, and hopefully said job will help pay off student debt.


Krystal Caban ’14

New York, NY

English Major


Samone Rowe ’14

Downington, PA


Jaime Lynne Collins ’15

“If I could fill a swimming pool with anything in the world, it would either be rubber duckies (because they rock) or chocolate pudding (because pudding).”


Arlington, MA

Major currently undeclared

After Bryn Mawr: “I want to be a science writer (a la Malcolm Gladwell).”

I am one of those rabid fangirl types who watches British TV with shipping goggles glued to her face and then logs on to tumblr to keysmash all the feelings. Sources report that I am adorable.


Hannah Rossen ’15

“If I could paint the door to my dorm, I’d paint it cobalt blue. “

Franklin, MA

Soon-to-be Psychology Major

After Bryn Mawr: “I’m want to be an FBI profiler.”

I am a fun-loving, low-key person who loves to sing, write, read, talk, and shop. I love being here at Bryn Mawr.


Rosie McInnes ’16


Newton, MA

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