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Musical good-times, Bryn Mawr style


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First, a long overdue thanks to the wonderful Drexel Cleftomaniacs for hosting us at their first ever concert! We had such a blast, and loved getting to meet such friendly and talented fellow aca-people!

Second, CDs and our end of year concert!! Our final concert will be 8:00pm, Friday May 3rd! Come celebrate the last day of classes, and lament the beginning of finals with the Bellas! We’ll be debuting 3 new songs, including Ellie Howell’s senior solo. At this same concert, we will hopefully be debuting our very first cd!!!!!!!

sully surprised

jensen surprised


It has been in the works for 5+ years, so this has been a long time coming. They will be free of charge, although if the music moves you to donate a few bucks, we’re certainly not going to stop you. 😉

We hope to see you all there, and stay tuned for more news!

<3 Bellas

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  1. I CAN GO TO THE CONCERT!!!!!!!! 😀 I’m so excited to see you guys perform and to cry because Ellie is graduating (you’ll always be frosh to me)!

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